​The Women's Business Network​ 

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to The Women's Business Network, Where Women Network and Businesses Grow. We are a non profit networking group based in Fairfied/Vacaville in California. 

A Few things to know. We are a Company Exclusive Group. Especially if you are Direct Sales Consultant. Please contact us to find out if your company spot is available. We would love to have you. 

Incoming members are subject a $25 registration Fee. This fee is one time as long as you are an active member of the club. If you go inactive you will need to pay the registration fee again. When meetings are at a restaurant the meal is the members responsibility. There are costs involved when we have special events and such. 

We encourage members to bring guests. We encourage members to get to know other members. Our group is based on Social Networking. 

Meeting times are listed on our Events page and we encourage prompt arrival.

We offer training  and speakers and we ask that all members RSVP to ensure we have an accurate head count. 

We have 2 Regular meetings a month. If you miss more than 3 meetings in a row and have not been granted an exception, your spot may be subject to removal and you will go inactive.

We will do our best to update our Members Directory each quarter. 

If you are interested in Joining us, Please fill out our Contact Form.

the womens business network